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Rep & Select Coaches & Managers

The North York Baseball Association has officially selected it's Rep & Select Teams. 

The Blues are looking forward to great 2019 season! 

Minor Rookie Ball AAA 2011-12 Stephen Davis
Rookie Ball AAA 2010 Stephen Davis
Rookie Select 2010-2011 Danny Weil
Minor Mosquito AAA 2009 Mark Bondy
Mosquito AAA 2008 Monty Robins
Mosquito A 2008 Alain Duclos
Mosquito Select 2008-09 Jeremy Diamond
Minor Pee Wee AAA 2007 Kevin Kingsley
Minor Pee Wee AA 2007 Matthew Lethbridge
Pee Wee AAA 2006 David  Kirsh
Pee Wee AA 2006 Matt Chan
Pee Wee A 2006 Jeff Glaizel
Pee Wee Select 2006-07 David Fisch
Minor Bantam AAA 2005 Rob Mattson
Minor Bantam A 2005 Cary Schneider
Bantam A 2004 Chris Herrington
Bantam Select 2004-05 Penn Yuyitung
Minor Midget AA 2003 Jow Lee
Minor Midget A 2003 Jim Gilliland
Midget AA 17u 2002 Collin Ferris
 Midget AA 18u 2001 Michael Coote

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