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Rep & Select Coaches & Managers

The NYBA Blues has officially selected it's team and coach roster. 
Some teams** will continue to hold tryouts for the 2019 season.

The Blues are looking forward to great 2019 season!  

Minor Rookie Ball AAA 2011-12 Stephen Davis
Minor Rookie Ball AA 2012 Jeff Dean
Rookie Ball 2010 Mark Moness

Derek Sorrenti

Giancarlo Totino
Rookie Select 2010-2011 Danny Weil
Minor Mosquito AAA 2009 Mark Bondy
Mosquito AAA 2008 Monty S. Robbins

2008 Elisseo Iriotakis
(Asst. Coach)

Ashtyn Robbins
(Asst. Coach)
Michael Zackheim
(Asst. Coach)

Mina Reydman
Mosquito AA  2008 Alain Duclos

Sarah Hess
Mosquito A 2008 Aaron Izenberg
Jessica Afshar 
Mosquito Select
2008-09 Jeremy Diamond

Kevin Carpenter
Minor Pee Wee AAA 2007 Kevin Kingsley
Minor Pee Wee AA 2007 Matthew Lethbridge
Eric Parker
Pee Wee AAA 2006 Chris Dobie
Pee Wee AA 2006 Matt Chan

2006 Kim Proud (manager)
Pee Wee A 2006 Jeff Glaizel

Mitch Krakower
Pee Wee Select 2006-07 David Fisch

2006-07 Richard Cheung
(Assist. Coach)

Craig Gatten
Minor Bantam AAA 2005 Rob Mattson

2005 Jason Rhynold
Minor Bantam A 2005 Cary Schneider
Bantam A 2004 Chris Hetherington 
Bantam Select** 2004-05 Penn Yuyitung
Minor Midget AA 2003 Jow Lee
2003 Howard Leibovich
Minor Midget A 2003 Jim Gilliland
Midget AA 17u 2002 Collin Ferris

2002 Kristin McGuire (Manager)
 Midget AA 18u 2001 Kim Coote (Manager)

2001 Michael Coote
Junior AA/AAA 21u 1998-2000 Paul Ludzki

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