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2019 NYBA House League Registration

Welcome to the 2019 season. 

Our house league registration is continuing - here is a quick update. 

      • The two T-Ball divisions have been combined into one, and while this division is full, the wait-list for children born in 2012 is short. We can longer accept any children born in 2013. 
      • Jr. Rookie is full with three children on the wait list. If you would like to be on that wait-list, please email
      • There are still a few spaces in Sr. Rookie, but if you plan to register your child, you will be asked to coach in order to be accepted.
      • Mosquito is full as is the wait-list.
      • PeeWee is also full, but as of March 29th, there was only 1 child on the wait list. 
      • Bantam has several spots available.

      Please read the following information carefully before registering. 


      Division Birth Years Fees + Toronto User Fees* Play Night
      T-Ball 2012, 2013 $90 + $8 = $98 Tuesdays | 6:30PM
      Jr. Rookie Ball 2011 $170 + $15 = $185 Tuesdays | 6:30PM
      Sr. Rookie Ball 2010 $170 + $15 = $185 Mondays | 6:30PM
      Mosquito 2008,2009 $170 + $15 = $185 Wednesdays | 6:30PM
      Peewee 2006,2007 $178 + $17 = $195 Tuesdays | 6:30PM & 8:30PM
      Bantam 2003, 2004, 2005 $178 + $17 = $195 Mondays | 6:30PM & 8:30PM

      *The City of Toronto User Fees are part of your payment. North York Baseball is being billed for the use of each diamond at an hourly rate. Our own maintenance expenses continue to increase so we can ensure that we have safe playing facilities. Despite these always increasing costs we are pleased to offer fees with only small increases, our first increase since 2014.


      In our continued attempt to improve skills and play at the house league level, we will be making the following changes: 

      • Reducing the number of players per team
      • Offering skill development opportunities
      • Have a 'call-up' list for players to be play in the league above when needed, especially during the summer. 


      • Our league runs through the summer and we cannot accept registrations for children who will be away most of July and/or August. Please do not register with us if your child will miss more than 3 weeks during July and August. There are other leagues that operate only to the end of June. 

      • All games are played at Bond Park

      • T-ball runs from May 7th to August 20th. All other divisions run from the week of May 6th to the end of the summer with a Championship Day game for all teams on Saturday, September 7th. Each team plays one game per week.

      • If you register 2 children from the same family there is a discount of $20 for the second child. For three or more children there will be a further discount of $90 for each additional child. You claim the discount by selecting it when registering the 2nd or 3rd child and then you should calculate your total when making your payment. FOR THE FIRST CHILD YOU MUST PAY THE FULL FEE. 

      • If you wish to register a child born in 2014 please contact us at for instructions. There are a small number of spaces left. Registration cannot be done on-line. 

      • We remind you that from the Rookie level up we will not likely place your child on a team with more than 1 requested friend (sibling of the same age not included). Please limit your requests accordingly. 

      • Registration is managed according to your child's birth year. Children born in 2013 will be placed in Tier 1 of T-ball which focuses on beginning skills. Tier 2, for children born in 2012, will provide for children as they are ready to progress. 

      • In the same way, children born in 2011 will be placed in Junior Rookie and those born in 2010 in Senior Rookie. Because the two Rookie divisions hold games on different nights you may wish a transfer between the two due to conflicts with other activities or if your child was successful ahead of his/her age group last year. In order to transfer between the two Rookie divisions you must e-mail the registrar after registration with your request. Transfers between rookie divisions will be limited in number and accepted only if there is space and presently we cannot move a Senior Rookie aged child to Junior Rookie. Any other request for a change in division must be discussed with the registrar before the registration is completed. 

      • AGAIN THIS YEAR: During the season we plan to offer opportunities for Mosquito players to improve their skills. Details will be sent to parents when plans are finalized. We also hope to provide some practice times on weekends for the Rookie divisions. Coaches of teams in any division rookie and up may try to hold practices if possible. 

      • There are still a few Rep & Select teams looking for players. Click here for information.  

      The North York Baseball Association can only be successful if we have enough volunteers so please let us know how you can help when you complete the registration forms. We can only accept registrations for spaces we have on teams and we can only have as many teams if we have enough coaches. 

      Please e-mail us at to have any questions about this answered.

      The NYBA Registration process requires that each player have a profile. When you click on the link to register your child for that division you will be prompted to create a family profile:  

      • NEW PLAYERS: When you start the registration process enter your email address and create a password to create a profile. Once the profile is created you can start the registration process. 

      • RETURNING PLAYERS: Your contact information has already been entered into the system. You can access your profile by entering your email address and initiating a password by clicking on 'Forgot My Password'. Please update your profile before registering to ensure we have the most correct contact information for your family. 

      If during the registration process you have concerns or questions, 
      e-mail us at to find out the information you require.

      To begin the registration process click on the links below: 

      Division Birth Years Link to Register
      T-Ball Tier 1 2013 Click here to register
      T-Ball Tier 2 2012 Click here to register
      JR. Rookie 2011 Click here to register
      SR. Rookie 2010 Click here to register
      Mosquito 2008,2009 Click here to register
      Peewee 2006, 2007 Click here to register
      Bantam 2003, 2004, 2005 Click here to register

      * To register a child born in 2014, email registration@nyba.cato be placed on a waiting list. 

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