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North York Elite Baseball


To develop the skills of North York Baseball Association Elite level players for the enhancement of their baseball or desired careers. In addition, to provide a positive baseball experience for players who wish to play at the highest level available and to profile and showcase the skills of individuals and teams before those who would provide career advancement opportunities.


The North York Baseball Association (NYBA) has been a leader in the development of youth baseball players for over 60 years. The NYBA is an affiliated member of the Toronto Baseball Association (TBA) and Ontario Baseball Association (OBA).

Over the last 15 years, elite private baseball teams and leagues have offered players in Ontario the opportunity to develop their skills and showcase themselves to American and Canadian universities and colleges.  This sometimes leads to lucrative scholarships and opportunities to enter the major league baseball draft.  These elite teams operate at an arm's length with the OBA and can command high fees to participate. 

The NYBA along with other OBA members have lost many players to private teams weakening their programs. To combat the erosion of players, the OBA established an elite league for Bantam and Midget series players. Players from teams affiliated with the OBA elite league are free to move to any other OBA elite team.   Releases are in effect but cannot be denied.  

The OBA elite league features similar opportunities for development and exposure to universities and colleges. The league has combined their resources and made them available to all the teams for the promotion and exposure of players.  

The NYBA has had close relationships with private teams.  This has resulted in the recruitment of midget age players to these teams, leaving little talent for the NYBA to form OBA elite midget teams.  

In recent years, private teams have turned their focus on profit making.  This has resulted in:

> Recruiting players at pee wee age (13u, 14u and 15u)
Larger rosters on each team
Higher fees
Fewer practices
Fewer development resources 

Many families with private teams have expressed disappointment with the program and some have left to join OBA elite programs.  


NYBA has a reputation for developing some of Ontario's best baseball players. The association identifies players with extraordinary talent as early as minor rookie. These players have always been challenged and encouraged to develop their skills.  

The NYBA Elite program will extend its influence throughout all age groups and encourage players to work towards an elite career with NYBA.

Players will be offered elite level development using many of the resources used by NYBA elite teams.  

Information about the development and progress of NYBA elite teams and individual players will be communicated regularly to all NYBA AAA players and parents. 


NYBA is committed to finding the certified and experienced coaches with strong backgrounds in player development and team building. Our coaches are working toward a common goal to making each player the best they can be by identifying player's strengths and development goals. Whether a player is striving for a career in baseball, a college scholarship or wants to play at the highest level possible, NYBA Elite program coaches will provide the training and advice required to reach these goals. 


The NYBA Elite teams will assign only experienced fully certified coaches and assistants. In addition, all teams will utilize pool of development resources.   These resources will include professional instructors, trainers and other specialist and /or professional organizations and facilities. 

These resources will encompass:

Physical development
Baseball skill development
Team skill development
Positional skill development
Career guidance
Nutrition and health maintenance
Skill evaluation


The NYBA has appointed an Elite Program Coordinator who will oversee the management of the program. The duties of the Program Coordinator include:

Direct communications appropriately with respect to:
     > NYBA elite league activities, accomplishments, progress etc. to all AAA players
     > Communicate OBA elite league information to NYBA elite teams and players
     > University and college showcase opportunities for NYBA elite players
     > Information sessions for NYBA elite players and parents
     > Provide information regarding NYBA elite players to university and college teams and agencies
     > Be a liaison for introduction of players and parents to university teams and agencies
     > Establish annual budgets for each team
Be the liaison for all teams with the OBA elite league
Coordinate tournaments and travel arrangements
Be the liaison between the NYBA elite teams and the NYBA rep committee and Board of Directors

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