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Return To Play Protocols

UPDATE: (July 17, 2020) Effective July 17, 2020, the Province of Ontario moved into Phase 3 of the provincial re-opening plan. Baseball Ontario has implemented the following protocols to ensure the safety of players and their families. Toronto Baseball is working closely with all of the associations, to be ready for a shortened season as soon as the government implements phase 3 for the city. 

In order to be ready, NYBA suggests that coaches, players and families review the following: 

Before a team can play a game, they must:

*   Ensure all participants (players AND coaches) have completed all the COVID-19 waivers and declarations

*   Submit a roster on the Baseball Ontario roster platform so that teams can be added to the Pitch Count App (Note: Affiliated Association approval is not required for this purpose.)

*   2020 Arm Care rules apply as prescribed in the Baseball Ontario Constitution and By-Laws
[All COVID-19 waivers, declaration and attendance tracer, and Arm Care resources are available at BaseballOntario OnDeck! ]

When Stage 3 is implemented, teams will be able to: 

*  Resume full team practices (full team to mean those individuals who appear on one team roster) and those practices can include scrimmages.

*  Start games, however: Leagues (loops) must contain no more than 50 players total. Players are not yet permitted to play against players outside of their league or group. Coaches and Umpires are not included in the limit of 50. 

*  Spectators at all sporting events will be subject to gathering limits and physical distancing measures, with assigned seating where possible. Currently, weÃ????Ã???Ã??Ã?¢??re recommending that spectators:

*  Ensure physical distance from participants and between spectators

*  Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs for personal use or bring disinfectant wipes to clean the area where they sit. Municipalities and/or facility owners may or may not be cleaning bleachers on a regular basis.

*  Spectators are encouraged not to wander to other areas of the park in which the diamond is located.

*  Total outdoor gathering limit of 100 shall apply

Since NYBA remains in Stage 2 at this time, teams are able to: 

*  Continue to practice in groups of 10, with up to 2 groups on one diamond as long as they are physically distanced and participants donÃ????Ã???Ã??Ã?¢??t go back and forth.

*  Teams cannot travel to a Stage 3 centre in order to practice or play. You are restricted to the activities permitted within the area that you live.

UPDATE: (June 30, 2020) Baseball Ontario has expanded the Return to Play protocols to permit  events on one baseball diamond. This means that 2 different groups, of not more than 10 each, can participate in separate practices on the same field. Everyone must stay in their own group and there can be no players, coaches or other persons participating in both events. 

Any equipment used by one event or group must be cleaned/sanitized prior to use by the other event or group, including if both events are being run by the same team (i.e. a split squad practice). All activities for both events must adhere to the distancing measures required by the provincial government, the relevant municipality and public health authorities and the Baseball Ontario Protocol. 

Diamonds must be age group appropriate. For example, one full size (regulation) diamond can be used to accommodate two 10-person events of any age category. Regulation meaning at least 300' down left/right field, and 350' at centre field.  However, at a 13U-sized diamond, participants in older age categories (14U+) would be limited to one 10-person event. Participants in 13U and younger age categories could have two 10-person events at a 13U-sized diamond. 

If a team is running a split squad practice, having divided into 2 groups at separate areas of the diamond (i.e. the 2 events at the diamond are from one team), coaches cannot go back and forth between the two groups.

If a team is running a split squad practice, having divided into 2 groups at separate areas of the diamond (i.e. the 2 events at the diamond are from one team), players cannot go back and forth between the two groups.

Full team practices are still not permitted, as long as the provincial restrictions on gatherings remains at 10!

It is important to ensure NO gatherings of large groups while activity is taking place. Please respect social/physical distancing measures as set in place by governmental public health authorities. 

All activities delivered must adhere to the distancing measures and recommendations, along with any gathering restrictions issued by the Ontario Government, relevant municipality and public health authorities and Baseball Ontario Protocol, including the arrival and departure of players.

Baseball Ontario has developed and regularly updates an FAQ document regarding Return To Sport. It is available at Baseball Ontario's OnDeck. 

UPDATE: (June 12, 2020) Baseball Ontario's suspension of in-person activities expires June 15, 2020. Baseball Ontario will not be extending the suspension of in-person activities. Therefore, as of June 16, 2020, in-person baseball activities can resume, pending observance of provincial and municipal rules and restrictions. 

Regions in Stage One of the Provincial Reopening Plan are not yet permitted to resume team sport activities. The City of Toronto is still in Stage One of reopening. 

You can read the entire media release here. In addition, Baseball Ontario has posted this announcement and their Return to Play protocols in this YouTube video

The NYBA continues to monitor the situation closely.

UPDATE: [May 25, 2020] While the Province of Ontario announced last week the opening of parks and sports facilities, the directive refers only to individual sports such as golf and cycling and not to team sports such as baseball. 

In light of the announcement, Baseball Ontario has extended the suspension of all in-person activities until June 15th, 2020. The decision will be revisited by the directors of Baseball Ontario on June 11th.  

In a 3-part video statement, Ed Quinlan, President of Baseball Ontario stated: "Our promise to you remains the same, we will continue to plan, prepare and remain agile to have some form of baseball in 2020." 

You can review the entire 3-part operational video update below: 

1. Section 1: Where We Were

2. Section 2: Where We Are Today

3. Section 3: Resources

UPDATE: [May 23, 2020]  North York Baseball Association cancels House League for 2020. For detailed statement, click here.  

UPDATE: [April 20, 2020] Based on the guidelines of the provincial government and public health authorities, Baseball Ontario has extended the suspension of all in-person programs and activities until May 31. 

Even though there is no play on the field, Baseball Ontario's various committees have been continuing work behind the scenes to facilitate umpire and coaching programs online. As a member organization, NYBA will be following the guidelines as laid out by Baseball Ontario. As developments occur, both Baseball Ontario and NYBA will update parents and players.

Click here for the full statement from Baseball Ontario

UPDATE: [May 23, 2020] North York Baseball Association regrets to announce the cancellation of the Houseleague for the 2020 season. Click here for full statement.

UPDATE: [April 1, 2020] In conjunction with member clubs, Baseball Ontario has extended the suspension of all in-person programs and activities until May 1. The situation will be reviewed again at the end of April. NYBA remains hopeful for a modified 2020 season. 

[March 13, 2020]

The North York Baseball Association puts the safety of players, coaches and their families at the centre of all decisions. Under these new world-wide conditions, our organization has taken the following measures to protect our families and mitigate any potential risk. 

 >> All rep team practices have been suspended until March 27th, when we will reassess the situation.

 >> House League is still on schedule to begin the first week of May. 

 >> All in-person umpire and coaching clinics have been suspended.  The OBA will be making online training available. 

We will be looking at Baseball Ontario for leadership and following the guidelines stipulated by Toronto Public Health and Public Health Ontario

At this time, it's next to impossible to predict timelines and so we will be reviewing things on a weekly, even daily basis. Updates will be added to our website, Facebook Page and Instagram Feed.

We want to thank our parents, coaches, umpires and most of all our players for their patience. We are just as eager to get out on the field as you! 

Let's Play Ball! 

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