(Families register from this page).

The NYBA house league extends to boys and girls born between 2007 and 2017 in the following divisions:

  • T-BALL - $150
    Players born in 2017 & 2018
    Tuesdays | 6:30PM
  • ROOKIE BALL - $350
    For players born in  2015 & 2016
    Mondays | 6:30PM
  • MOSQUITO - $350
    For players born in 2013 & 2014
    Wednesdays | 6:30PM
  • PEEWEE - $350
    For players born in 2011 & 2012
    Tuesdays | 6:30PM & 8:30PM
  • BANTAM - $350
    For players born in 2008, 2009, 2010
    Mondays | 6:30PM & 8:30PM

PLAYING SEASON: The regular playing season for all divisions will begin the week of May 13th.

  • The T-ball season will run to the third week of August (August 20th) and games will run from 6:30PM to 7:45PM each week.
  • All other divisions will end the season with Championship games involving all teams, played with week of August 26-28th.
  • Practice Sessions: The Rookie Ball and Mosquito seasons will start with two practice weeks. The PeeWee division will have practice sessions during the first week only.

    Important: If your child will miss more than 3 weeks during the summer due to cottage stays, overnight camp or travel plans, please do not register for NYBA house league. Parents who want to register their players for spring baseball (ie. just until June) may want to check out the various spring camps offered by True North Sports Camps. 

GAMES & PRACTICES: Each team plays one game per week at Bond Park in North York. From time-to-time, coaches in Rookie Ball to Bantam may want to add an extra weekend practice using available diamond time. Every effort is made to keep the teams at the same skill level.

UNIFORMS: As part of the registration fee, NYBA provides hats, pants and team jerseys - bats and catcher's equipment are part of the team's equipment. Players are required to have their own gloves. For the younger children we strongly recommend that parents not invest a lot of money in a beginner's glove.

Batting helmets are required for all children. Parents will have the option of using a helmet they may already own or purchasing a new one through North York Baseball at a cost of $40, which is what we are charged by our supplier.

SKILLS CLINICS: The week before the season starts, NYBA hopes to offer skills clinics for players in the Rookie and Mosquito divisions. They will be free of charge and invitations for players to sign-up will be sent out in early April.

GIRLS BASEBALL: In an effort to 'even the playing field' North York Baseball is encouraging girls ageds 6 to 16 to register for this year's House League program. In addition to their regular games there will be skills clinics scheduled monthly on some weekends during the seasons to help girls improve their skills. All girls welcome. No additional sign-up required.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS: North York Baseball Association is always looking for parent volunteers for coaching positions. Volunteering occurs during registration. Please offer. We cannot run our program without enough coaches. Senior high school students are eligible to coach and can receive credit for volunteer hours.

We look forward to having your family become part of the North York Baseball Association!

Play Ball!

Paul Chamberlain