NYBA supports a robust and professional roster of OBA qualified umpires.

NYBA Umpire Policy states that umpires must be TWO years older than the division they are umpiring. And, all umpires must equally share field and home plate positions.


House League games are held Monday-Wednesday evenings at Bond Park. Umpire assignments are managed by the series convenor under the guidance of the Umpire-In-Chief.

Anyone interested in umpiring house league should contact Tracey Lawson.


Umpires wanting to umpire at the elite, rep & select levels must be at least 12 years old and complete both online and on-site training clinics with NYBA under the umbrella of the Ontario Baseball Association.

The OBA online clinic will open March 2023. The NYBA on-site training clinic is scheduled for Saturday, April 29, 2023 (Sunday, April 30 rain date). Times and location to be confirmed.

Players begin with a level 1.1 rating allowing them to umpire the younger series and eventually elevate to a 3.0 rating, which qualifies them to umpire all series including Elite.

If you have never umpired before, you must first register with the OBA to obtain your OBA Registration Number and create a profile. Seasoned umpires simply need to log-in with the OBA Number to update their profile.

Elite, Rep & Select games are held weekday evenings, starting at 8:30PM Monday to Wednesday (after House League) and 6PM Thursday and Fridays. Weekends games can run 9AM to 7PM. Most games are approximately 2 hours in length, except for the Midget/Bantam level (14+) which are 2.5 hours.


Umpires are required to complete an online clinic with the Ontario Baseball Clinic. Sign-up is through the OBA but fees are paid to the NYBA. Once an umpire has completed the course, NYBA is notified.

In addition to successfully completing the OBA online clinic, 1.1 umpires will be required to attend two on-site clinics. The first clinic will cover basics such as equipment and positioning, the second clinic will be to attend a Midget/Bantam game, to observe Level 3 umpires. While this is required for all 1.1 umpires, it is highly recommended for 1.2 umpires as well.

New for 2023, 1.1 umpires are required to umpire House League games for extra practice. These games are paid.


Umpires are expected to have proper attire for each game: a navy/black or light blue shirt, grey slacks, black or dark shoes & socks, navy or black umpire hat (with no logos) and a belt. It's imperative that umpires wear the same shirt colour.

As long as the shirt has a collar, breast pocket and is either dark blue, black or powder blue, it doesn't have to be the regulation umpire shirt.

Baseball caps are NOT to be worn backwards and shin pads must be worn inside your pants. Umpires who do otherwise, will be asked to correct or remove equipment during the game.

Umpires are expected to equally share home plate responsibilities. For this position, umpires are required to have a chest protector, catcher’s face mask and shin guards. Umpires are expected to bring all of their equipment to every game with the plan to be behind the plate. NYBA has some umpire equipment it can loan for a game if necessary.

Umpires also require a brush to sweep the base and an indicator to keep score. A face mask is important if there is a need to discuss a call with a coach.

NYBA supplier of choice is Eagle Beaver Sports. NYBA players and umpires receive a discount.

If you are a retiring umpire and interested in selling your equipment, please contact Heather at We have a number of umpires that may be interested in your used equipment.


Umpires are asked for their availability two to three weeks in advance using a Google Form. Once umpires are assigned to a game, a confirmation email is sent.

There are times, when a game is scheduled within the same week. The umpire scheduler will reach out via email/text, and will generally allow 24 hours for a response before reaching out to other umpires.

It is the umpire’s responsibility to mark down the game dates. While coaches are asked to call/text or email in advance as a reminder, umpires should NOT depend it on it.

A complete schedule of games; umpires and coaching information is recorded in a Google Worksheet and accessible from the umpire’s page.


Every effort is made to ensure a fair distribution of games. Professional attitude both on and off the diamond along with skill is factored into game assignment.

When assigning umpires to games, NYBA has the following policy:

Umpires must be 2 years older than the series they are umping, and qualify for the series according to their OBA level – see below for details.

  • 1.1 8UAAA/9UAAA, 10UAA, 9U, 10U Select
  • 1.2 (All 1.1 series) PLUS 10UAAA, 11U Select
  • 2.0 (All 1.2 series) PLUS 11UAAA, 13UA&AA, Select
  • 2.1 All levels up to 14U Select
  • 2.2 -3.0 All divisions including Bantam Elite

First year umpires (1.1 & 1.2) are paired with a more experienced umpire for their first few months for additional training and support.

The NYBA Umpire-in-Chief has the final say as to which umpires are booked and umpire pairings.


The NYBA Umpire Google Sheet identifies umpire partners for each game. Partners should touch base prior to the game to co-ordinate shirt colours and arrange plate/base positioning. (see above).

Umpires are expected to arrive to the park 30 minutes before each game and on the field for the plate meeting 5 minutes before the game is scheduled to start.

Fines have been put in place for lateness:

  • First time: $5.00 for every 5 minutes
  • Second time: Loss of next umpiring assignment
  • Third time: Umpire will be placed at the bottom of the list and will be asked last for assignments.

NYBA umpire fees are based on the age group, not the level. All games within the same age group, whether A, AA, or AAA are paid the same rate. Coaches may pay either by e-transfer or in a sealed envelope before or after the game.

These are the rates for 2023 and are subject to change. All fees listed are per umpire, per game.

  • Rookie (8&9) – $40
  • Mosquito (10&11) – $45
  • Peewee (12&13)- $60
  • Bantam (14&15) – $75 | 9 innings - $90
  • Midget (16-18) - $90 | 9 innings - $100
  • Juniors (19 and over) - $100


Plans change, a coach books a last-minute game or practice, we understand. We require as much notice as you can give us, whether by email, text or personal phone call, so that a replacement can be found.

Every effort is made to find an alternate game as quickly as possible and ensure that the umpire doesn’t lose their rotation spot.


In the event of bad weather and the cancellation of a game, the coach will contact the umpires at least 1 hour prior to start time to advise you whether the game is cancelled. Any umpire not given sufficient notice will be paid in full for the game.

If conditions at Bond warrant closing the park or a diamond, it will be announced @NYBAFields. 


Due to the nature of the position, you are bound to get into altercations during games. Always remain calm, civil and approachable. Coaches have been notified that inappropriate behaviour [personal comments, profanity or inappropriate behaviour] towards umpires will not be tolerated and could be grounds for ejection from the game.

The same holds true for umpires. You are being held to a strict, professional code, and we expect you to act accordingly at all times.

Any incident should be reported directly to Tracey Lawson.

We look forward to working with you this season!

Tracey Lawson
VP House League – Umpire-in-Chief

For Scheduling Issues contact:
Heather Robertson
Umpire Co-ordinator

Umpire Resources: