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Encouraging Young Athletes

By northyorkbaseballassociation | Jan 4, 2021 |

THE IMPORTANCE OF POSITIVE SELF-TALK** Young athletes carry on an inner dialogue with themselves in sports. It reflects how they think about themselves. For example, they might tell themselves they’re too small, too slow, or not strong enough to be good athletes. Just after making a bad throw, they might tell themselves they are the…

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7 Skills Baseball Teaches Your Child

By northyorkbaseballassociation | Dec 14, 2020 |

There are many reasons why baseball is a great activity for your child starting with, it’s just a great way for your children to stay healthy and physically fit.  But that’s just a small part. Whether your player is on a rep traveling team or elects to play house league, baseball nurtures a number of…

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NYBA 15UA Win 2020 TBA ‘Bubble’ Championship

By northyorkbaseballassociation | Oct 6, 2020 |

Strange times call for innovative solutions! So, caps off to the Toronto Baseball Association (TBA) 15UA division who organized their own 2020 playoffs. And the winner? The NYBA 15UA Blues are the 2020 TBA Champs, within their bubble! Coach Cary Schneider is extremely proud of his team and their year-end finish! Next year the team…

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