Congratulations on becoming an umpire. We are delighted that you have chosen North York Baseball Association as your home base.

The umpire is a critical part of baseball: A well umped game = a great played game!

Below are a list of FAQs for new and returning umpires to review:


The Ontario Baseball Association has put in place a number of new game rules to protect players and their families. It’s important that you read through these changes and understand them. As the season progresses, things may change, so please check back to this page often.

1. Umpires are not required to wear face masks during play, always carry one with you, in case you have to discuss a call with a coach.

2. Umpires DO NOT touch the baseball. Each team provides balls for their own team. The team in the field that is responsible for transporting the balls from the field to the bleachers at every inning.

3. The home plate umpires calls balls and strikes from behind the pitcher. [AT the 8U & 9U level, the home plate umpire stands on either side of the pitching machine.] They also make all calls at 2nd and 3rd; catch/no catch from centre left over to the 3rd baseline and all calls at home plate.

4. The home plate umpire DOES NOT make any calls at first base UNLESS the umpire at first has to go down the line to make a fair/foul call or catch/no catch.

5. The base umpire STAYS at first base. They may go up and down the line, or into right field to make a call, otherwise they are expected to stay at first base on-the-line. The first base umpire may also go to home plate to make a call but only if the home plate umpire has gone out to make a catch/no catch down the line at third base.

6. THERE ARE NO LEAD OFFS for all games under 18U. Umpires must treat all games as if it was at the Mosquito level, where the runner only leaves the base when the ball has left the pitcher’s hand.

7. The first base umpire needs to position themselves so they can watch for lead-offs plus see the pitcher and the runners. If the bases are loaded watch the lead runner at 3rd as he will be the one to score and most likely the on that you may get questioned about.

8. There is NO high fiving/hugging or any contact allowed, even if a player hits a home run. While it’s the responsibility of the coach to enforce this rule, it would be a good idea to reinforce the distance and no-touch rule at the plate meeting – especially at 8U & 9U.


The scheduling of umpires will be similar to previous years. Umpires will be booked through a google form link. Once bookings are confirmed umpires will receive an email with the schedule for that week.

It is your responsibility to mark down the dates that you are scheduled to umpire. While we do ask the coaches to call or email in advance as a reminder, umpires can’t depend on it.

The google sheet will also identify your umpire partner for each game. We recommend you contact them in advance to co-ordinate shirt colours and arrange plate/base positioning.

You are expected to arrive at the park 30 minutes before each game and on the field for the plate meeting 5 minutes before the game is scheduled to start.

When assigning umpires to games, NYBA has the following policy: Umpires must be 2 years older than the series they are umping, and qualify for the level – ie. A, AA, or AAA. 

While NYBA is happy to work with umpires outside of our association, when it comes to assigning games, priority is given to NYBA umpires.


Umpires are expected to have proper attire for each game. This means a navy shirt, grey slacks, black or dark shoes & socks, navy or black umpire hat (with no logos) and a belt. Black jerseys have also become standard, so it might be an idea to have both a navy and black jersey.

Umpires require a brush to sweep the base and an indicator to keep score. You need to also have a COVID-19 face mask in case you need to discuss a call with a coach.

Since the home plate umpire is behind the pitcher, chest protectors, catcher’s face masks and shin guards are optional.


In the event of bad weather and the cancellation of a game, the coach will contact the umpires at least 1 hour prior to start time to advise you whether the game is cancelled. Any umpire not given sufficient notice will be paid in full for the game.


The umpire fees are based on the age group, not the level. All games within the same age group, whether A, AA, or AAA are paid the same rate. Coaches may pay either by e-transfer or in a sealed envelope before or after the game.

  • Rookie (8&9) – $35
  • Mosquito (10&11) – $40
  • PeeWee (12&13)- $50
  • Bantam (14&15) – $70


Due to the nature of the position, you are bound to get into altercations during the games. Always remain calm, civil and approachable. Coaches have been notified that inappropriate behaviour [personal comments, profanity or inappropriate behaviour] towards umpires is not tolerated and could be grounds for ejection from the game.

The same holds true for umpires. You are being held to a strict, professional code, and we expect you to act accordingly at all times.

Any incident should be reported directly to Tracey Lawson.

We look forward to a great season!

Tracey Lawson
VP House League – Umpire-in-Chief

For Scheduling Issues contact:
Heather Robertson
Umpire Co-ordinator