As of July 31, the city of Toronto into Phase 3 of the provincial re-opening plan. Baseball Ontario has implemented the following protocols to ensure the safety of players and their families.

Before a team can play a game, they must:

  • Ensure all participants (players AND coaches) have completed all the COVID-19 waivers and declarations
  • Submit a roster on the Baseball Ontario roster platform so that teams can be added to the Pitch Count App (Note: Affiliated Association approval is not required for this purpose.)
  • 2020 Arm Care rules apply as prescribed in the Baseball Ontario Constitution and By-Laws
    [All COVID-19 waivers, declaration and attendance tracer, and Arm Care resources are available at BaseballOntario OnDeck! ]

 A Stage 3 designation allows teams to:

  • Resume full team practices (full team to mean those individuals who appear on one team roster) and those practices can include scrimmages.
  • Start games, however: Leagues (loops) must contain no more than 50 players total. Players are not yet permitted to play against players outside of their league or group. Coaches and Umpires are not included in the limit of 50.

Families, friends and other spectators are subject to:

  • Gathering limits and physical distancing measures, with assigned seating where possible.
  • Ensure physical distance from participants and between spectators
  • Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs for personal use or bring disinfectant wipes to clean the area where they sit. Municipalities and/or facility owners may or may not be cleaning bleachers on a regular basis.
  • Spectators are encouraged not to wander to other areas of the park in which the diamond is located.
  • Total outdoor gathering limit of 100 shall apply