Identifying Sports Kids Top Confidence Killers – Part 2

Confidence Busters | NYBA

It’s critical for parents to understand ‘confidence killers. Athletes can’t achieve their potential without feeling confident and your atheletes must know how they are derailing their confidence. In our May blog post, Identifying The Top Confidence Killers, parenting writer and Lisa Cohn and Youth Sports Psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn, co-founders of The Ultimate Sports…

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Healthy and Hassle Free Team Snack Ideas

Whether your player is training at-home or starting to attend in-person clinics or games, they are going to need a healthy snack for fuel. Luckily, there are lots of inexpensive and fun options that you can prepare in minutes. These options are equally fast and easy, as well as tasty and healthy.   TRAIL MIX:…

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Identifying The Top Confidence Killers

An 11-year-old player says that he loses confidence when his parents bring all 10 members of his extended family to watch his games. He feels pressure to perform well, and gets embarrassed—and loses confidence—when that doesn’t happen. This is just one common confidence buster. “I take on my team’s errors,” says Kevin, age 13, a…

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