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read this important information. 


North York Baseball takes a different approach to scheduling umpires. The association asks for your availability and then assigns games based on a number of factors including OBA level, umpire ability and availability.

Every effort is made to equalize the number of games between umpires. This year we have over 30 first year umpires, with a limited number of Rookie Ball teams.

In all likelihood most first year umpires will only get one or two games, at the beginning of the season. But as the summer progresses and their are more tournaments and holidays, the availability opens up.

Umpires do not require a release to umpire for other associations.

Below are links to games requiring umpires. Only sign-up for games that you are qualified to umpire.


The umpire schedule is easily accessed from the NYBA home page.

Every effort is made to prepare the schedule three-weeks in advance. When the availability forms are created, umpires will receive an email to visit this page and complete the appropriate forms. There will be several days to complete the form.

Once the schedule is completed and confirmed by the UIC, umpires will be emailed and must confirm their games. Ultimately, the Umpire-in-Chief that oversees the assigning of games and pairing of umpires.

We do not book games more than a month in advance. Changes always occur and if you cancel, you've taken away someone else's chances of booking a game.


Coaches have been asked to confirm games with umpires the night before via text or email. Umpires should also text each other to confirm the colour of shirt (they must match) and who will do plate. All umpires must be at the diamond 20 minutes before start time.


NYBA requires 48 hours to cancel a game. We understand coaches adding additional practices and games, however, you also made a commitment to umpiring. And getting time behind the plate is essential to developing your skills.

Umpires who cancel more than two games without proper notice will be moved to the bottom of the rotation.

Should you have any questions at any time please reach out to Tracey Lawson Umpire in Chief traceylawson28@hotmail.com or Heather Umpire Co-ordinator nybaumpires@gmail.com

Please keep checking the umpire schedule for open games. We are still looking for umpire for the following games. If you are available, please reach out to Heather directly at nybaumpires@gmail.com. 

  • Saturday, July 22 @ 7PM - 12UA Older Level 1.2 or 2+

We will be asking for August availability, July 1st. We are allowing 1.5 weeks for everyone to complete their availability, we know there are holidays and tournaments. We will send an email from nybaumpires@gmail.com informing you that the availability links below are now open.

Click on the appropriate box below to provide your availability.