Every year, North York Baseball onboards new coaches for our rep and select programs. At the same, there are coaches that retire. They started with NYBA when their players were young and now after completing the 18U series, they are ready to move forward with new challenges.

After a long and successful coaching career with NYBA, Cary Schneider, Dan Lock, Dave Parkinson and Al Duclos are moving on. When asked for their final submission, Cary submitted this wonderful piece about his coaching experience.

Coaching baseball has been one of the great joys and rewarding experiences of my life.

I am extremely proud of what my teams have accomplished and the philosophy that we have instilled as coaches.

Win or lose my teams have always played with a competitive fire, full effort, and enjoyed the beautiful game of baseball. Winning makes everything easy. True character emerges about how you react when you lose. As Muhammad Ali said: “You don’t lose if you get knocked down, you lose if you stay down”. I am honoured to have a team that never said quit and always fought back.

I am proud to have remained true to the philosophy about creating a positive atmosphere where players are encouraged to strive forward. It was a labour of love to have spent countless hours preparing strategies, practice plans, and devising line-ups that not only give our team the chance to win, but gives everyone the opportunity play.

I have a sense of fulfillment that I truly gave 100% effort in my coaching duties and cared about each player I have ever coached. If we have instilled anything in our players it is that hard work and dedication are not just lessons for baseball but for success in life.

Before every game we go over the three big “C”s. Challenge oneself to do better. Compete at every play. Confidence in everything you do. I believe that each of our players have improved from the day they started and are Champions in their own right. They have become better baseball players due to their dedication and terrific young men on the path to success.

North York has done a terrific job providing us with the resources and organization to allow us to thrive. I have been fortunate to have an all-star team of co-coaches.

  • Dan Lock has a wealth of baseball knowledge, a great teacher, and a love of the game that he literally reveals on his skin.
  • Dave Parkinson is a caring, compassionate, intelligent, dedicated coach who would do anything for the team and wears his heart on his sleeve.
  • Al Duclos has been my baseball brother from day one and I am truly in his debt for his calming approach, wise counsel, leadership, commitment, and technical knowledge base.

Each of these coaches have had a positive impact on the baseball lives of the players and I am proud to call a friend.

I can say with pride that I have given by best effort so that each player had the opportunity to enjoy playing competitive baseball, improve their skills, and inspired to be better.

Coaching my son from t-ball to 18UAA has been a blessing and allowed us to form a bond that is stronger then any maple baseball bat. These memories will shine bright for me always even if the lights at Bond Park are now dark.

Thank you North York Blues!

Submitted by Cary Schneider

North York Baseball Association provides House League and Elite/Rep/Select levels of play for boys and girls 6-18 and a Junior team. . Games are played at Bond Park in North York. NYBA is celebrating 50 years of serving the community!

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