2021 NYBA Rep Umpires

NYBA supports a robust rep and house league umpire program.

Umpires are required to complete on-line training with NYBA under the umbrella of the Ontario Baseball Association.

Players begin with a level 1.0 rating allowing them to umpire the younger series. Umpires can eventually earn a level 3.0 rating allowing them umpire all series levels including Elite.

The NYBA will be hosting online umpire clinics this spring. All NYBA umpires will be notified as soon as they are available.

Learn more about being an NYBA umpire including: rate of pay; dress requirements; COVID regulations; game assignment; cancellations and more.

To learn more about Umpiring and what's involved contact Tracey Lawson, NYBA umpire-in-chief. If you are currently an OBA umpire outside of the NYBA association and would like to be added to the NYBA roster, please download this application and email to nybaumpires@gmail.com.

NYBA would like to thank all of our 2020 umpires: Aabid Anas • Ben Mack • Caleb Kane • Curtis McCully • Ethan Gasse • Issac Zazlov • James Kwiatkowski • Josh Shiavone • Justice Orprecio • Max Liebovich • Ryan Ricci • Sean Lee • Tracey Lawson • Zach Sherman Demarius Shepard • Daniel Fleming • Mateo Rementilla • Will MacInnis • Constantine Karaflos •  Devon Volk • Duncan MacGregor • Elias Drakos • Imad Anas • Jack Ginsburg • Nathan Skopitz • Paul Verman • Roen Sherman • Sam Plourde • Sebastian Cirlan •  Zain Hirji

Unfortunately not all of our umpires were available for photo day!